I'm a Realtor®, Photographer, Digital Marketer,  Educator, Dreamer, Mommy and I LIVE for all things family and home!

My genuine love of real estate is as deep-rooted as my love of Georgia itself. I come from a mother who worked for real estate agents and developers and was drug along to model homes and new developments on weekends. I loved it! I experienced so many aspects of real estate early on. But, my experience as an Office manager for a top real estate brokerage and as a mortgage loan processor for mortgage brokers taught me even more. With deep roots in the military, and contacts and connections spanning years in the industry, I am an invaluable partner in achieving your home selling or buying goals.
I hope I exude everything I believe Atlanta stands for: resilience, strong community, diversity, and deep affection for our families! 

real estate was just meant to be... 

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me wearing a company polo, exhausted in my zero privacy cubicle at U-Haul International. I thought I had landed my dream job, but that dream turned into a beautiful reminder of why I needed what I have today. It was a mountain top that without warning turned into a valley.

There were so many "failures" that led me to be the kind of Realtor I am. They led me to the real estate business I’m running today. I had my first taste of business ownership a single mommy photographer and even though my photography career didn't take off the way I dreamed, I learned so many things that changed my mindset , but nothing prepares you more than pouring yourself into 10 thriving two year olds on a daily basis.
Today you can find me snuggled up in my cozy Acworth home with my beautiful babies or playing in Lake Allatoona (or any nice body of water for that matter..hehe) with my fun-loving husband, our beautiful mutt Sadie and kiddos Kai, Kru and May May.

I believe every moment of pain, every hurdle and every valley in our lives is so full of purpose, in fact, I think so much of who we are supposed to be can be found in our valley experiences more so than our Mountaintops. Whether it's our love story that started during a tumultuous period in our lives, our journey to a healthier marriage or sharing how we survived and even thrived in the midst of let down after let down, we're committed to sharing the story God is writing in our lives.  We believe a life well-lived means leaving behind a legacy of sharing what we've learned & leaning into transparency rather than only sharing the highlights of our lives! 

Our clients are seekers of beautiful moments, lovers of all things home, and ready and willing to tag along for an adventure! 


My Friday Night

I feel so lucky to watch our children soften his edges, and I can’t wait to experience where this life takes us! If you are a wife, momma, entrepreneur trying to make it all beautiful…I’m right in the thick of it with you, Babe!

Nelson or The Mortgage Sensei, as some know him by, is my partner in business as well! He is the mortgage broker I know I can trust to be honest and communicative when getting our clients into their new homes. I never have to question if he is gonna give 100% to our clients. 

Nelson is my best friend, he’s my bull in a china shop and the rock of our family.

I met this enigma of a man in 2010, just a few months after I had my sweet baby girl Kaiori. I was dealing with my new reality of single mommyhood and had a serious distrust of men and my own heart. We worked along side each other in ministry for four years before we really considered giving dating a chance…and boy was that rough! We are different in so many ways and I saw pretty quickly that maybe we complimented each other in a way that could truly make us indomitable, it took him 3 years into our marriage to see the same. Now, we’re building our family and dreams in Atlanta Georgia...and it is SO surreal to be on the “other” side of that vision of us being this dynamic duo after so long of just trying to survive life together!

Then there's the other half of our dream team...I call him babe...you can call him Nelson! 



Grab your fave drink and a snack...and don't forget to grab your bujo or iPad for notes...and we will meet you in Zoom to work through your #homegoals and how we can help you make it your beautiful reality! 



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"The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life"

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. 

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