Relevant education, strategic partnerships & stock awards.



You don't have to do it

It's time you finally had the business besties you've always wanted.

No extra cost or split shouldn't have to pay for your business partners, right?! We know you have something amazing to bring to the table, well, because

i can help because i've seen the difference

I know how to help!

I was drowning trying to juggle "all the things" of running a biz and all of the other hats I wear.

I did the work, I did the research, and I made sure I saw the results in other agents lives before I took the plunge.
I am part of an amazing group of agents in the fastest growing brokerage in the world. It supports all of my financial goals and the lifestyle I only dreamed of building one day. I want you to have the same. 

If you're feeling...

FRUSTRATED BY the lack of training...

OVERWHELMED BY THE Changes in the market...

unSURE HOW TO Move your business forward....

Bamboozled by your brokerage or team

discouraged by the many talented agents out there

for results


Implement systems that have been tested by the top agents in our industry

access to marketing plans that cost you nothing but generate leads

Get Rockin with 3 income streams (commission, stock, and revenue sharing)

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Surround yourself with agents who bring endless knowledge & resources daily.

Schedule a 1-on-1 call

The Perks

Agent commission split is 80/20
Only $16,000 CAP
3 income streams (commission, stock, and revenue sharing)
Brokerage revenue sharing
EXPI stock awards
CRM & lead generation platform
​No franchise taxes or fees
No desk fees or royalty taxes

FREE access to Social Media  course/training
FREE access to 4 private mastermind calls per wk
FREE marketing consult & lead generation strategies
FREE team building training and new agent onboarding system by Connor Steinbrook
FREE production training
FREE coaching & mentorship
FREE custom listing presentation & video assets

agent wolfpack

...and so much more!

eXP Realty

- Mike Sherrard

I help real estate agents scale to the next level with inventive and nuanced social marketing strategies.

"I am laser focused and have the support of my team that is world wide right now. I am so thankful."

Lewi is in ​Top 2% of Denver Realtors

"What I love about this group is being surrounded by like minded, high performing agents around the world."

Tharmilla is A Top 3% Influencer at eXp Realty

"If I can say the wolfpack gave me anything I would say they gave me hope.

MarC became A top producer

This could
 be you....


“I didn't think it was all that they claimed. It is. I didn't think it would work for me. It is. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

I know what it's like to get the run around, to be surrounded by peers who are killing it, but refuse to share their wisdom. We can all shine, there is enough room for all of us up here. So, please do yourself a favor and just hop on a call!

- Candi nichelle

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